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Hoboken Residential Parking

Why Walk? Whether or not you live in Hoboken you can utilize our valet services. Valet King has two valet stations conveniently located to drop off your car and enjoy all Hoboken has to offer. Residential rates for Hoboken vary amount of usage per month. Let us know 10 minutes before you’re ready to leave the house or work and we’ll be there with your car in rain, sleet or snow. We know what it means to be truly convenient!

How It Works

Never waste time looking for parking again!

Step 1

Sign Up for one of our affordable Hoboken residential parking packages.

Step 2

Call us when you’re ready to park or get your car.

Step 3

We’ll pick-up or drop-off your car to you at your residence!

Package 1

The Weekend
$480 per month
  • 4 uses per day total
  • 32 uses a month

Package 3

Dean Martin
$1,200 per month
  • 4 uses per day total
  • 120 uses a month

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